Shit My Daughters Do (Part 1 of ??)

Let me just start off by saying I absolutely LOVE my girls. At five and four years old, they are two of the most beautiful little girls I have ever laid eyes on. SL, my little freckle-faced diva, can already work her way around a smart phone and is always ready to take center stage for new guests. SG has such dark curls and beautiful blue eyes that really just pop out at you. You will almost always see her with an animal of some sort, either of the stuffed or living variety. All adorable aside, my daughters also do some crazy shit. Whether it’s hilarious, disgusting, over-the-top dramatic, or just plain pitiful, mama will always have a story to tell. 

Tonight’s story is a little gross and kinda funny. As I’m sure a lot of parents (if not all) can relate, my daughters LOVE taking frequent trips to the bathroom when we are out to eat. My kids, probably unlike yours, enjoy bathrooms too much. They literally compare all the bathrooms we go in to and one of the first questions asked about a new place is “Do they have bathrooms there?” Weird, I know. The strangest part is this: when we are out and about, the girls argue over who gets to flush the toilet. It’s almost a boxing match every time and I really cannot wrap my head around it. 

I wish that were the end of the weirdness. At home , SG seems to forget that toilets even have to be flushed. All throughout the day we will go to the bathroom and be greeted with turds when we lift up the toilet seat. I just don’t get it! I guess I should just  be grateful that we are past pooping in our pants.

And this concludes the first of many tales of the shit my daughters do.


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