A Small, Possibly Meaningless Update 

Earlier today I rambled on about my lack of motivation to do, well, anything at all. After logging off the computer, I snuck back in to my room and immediately logged on to Overwatch. Endlessly going through game after game gets so repetitive it truly feels as if I could go through a couple rounds with my eyes shut. I finally told myself enough times that I wasn’t actually having fun and turned my game off. 

I decided to tackle my planner issue. Why should something as minimal as a box have a hold on my ability to be a more productive person? I LOVE my Happy Planner and, when I actually make a habit of planning, I get shit done with it! I opened up to the start of this upcoming week and got started. I’m more of a day-by-day planner, it gives me time every day to release a little creativity and productivity. I have made it a weekly goal to be up by 8:30 every morning. If by some miracle my poor excuse of a car decides to start up without any issue, I want to be up early enough to get the girls to school. (I say school but they are too young. It’s a daycare that will transition in to school up until 3rd grade, and then they will be entering the public school system.) This is going to be tough. My depression is full force in the morning. This is the time I feel the heaviest. 

Mondays are for new beginnings. I want this to be the week I finally change for the better. I hope that by blogging about this journey, I have found another means of accountability for myself. 

The beginning of my week via my Happy Planner. Notice my reminder to post my open letter tomorrow. Also in the shot: my heart-shaped basket I told you about, complete with my 12 rolls of washi tape (sad, I know) and in the corner you can see part of the infamous box that has frightened me away from my planning. Not anymore! How silly of me to be saddened by a box. 


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