I Woke Up Late Today

When I say late, I mean 2 in the afternoon. It was dark in my room thanks to the lightbulb going out on us last night. I guess it just seemed like it was still early morning since there was no light coming in through the windows. Babe has had a large black comforter over his bedroom window since before we were even together; It may be the reason I’m so pulled to the bed, all the dark makes it feel like you need to be asleep anyway. 

The power went out 3 times yesterday causing our wifi to be on the fritz. Thankfully my girls are coming home tonight so I will have a bit of entertainment besides the 5 books I’ve read over a couple hundred times and the multiple video games that I have beaten and probably unlocked all achievements for. I haven’t heard their laughs in a week but it feels like a lifetime. 

On a good note, I spoke with my younger brother briefly last night. He moved off to Corpus Christi with his four aunts and lots of cousins. He’ll begin working as TSA agent while attending school to become an EMT. I am very proud of him, but I digress. The nature of our conversation seemed to be that we were both in need of some uplifting. His stepbrother, one of the three hoodlums I was so terribly annoyed by growing up, officially became a marine yesterday. It hit my brother pretty hard because that was his ultimate dream, but some health issues hindered him from being able to pursue it. As we talked about his feelings toward the situation, I gave him some kind words and he told me he really needed to hear that. I told him I understood and explained all my current chaos. He then told me that he may be able to help me with a car when he comes back in to town. So I might be okay! Only time will tell now. 


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