As Expected 

“I can’t believe you would even CONSIDER that as an option!”

Well, what other options do we have? I go back to work at that terrible gas station because it’s within walking distance? That plus you working for tips leaves us on the road to a new car in about 10 years.

“So what I’m just supposed to be okay with our FAMILY splitting up and barely getting to see you guys?”

What do you want from me? This would be temporary, we have to look at the big picture here.

“I am looking at the big picture and the big picture is WE are a family and we don’t just go our separate ways to work on shit when it gets tough. Your  family says they’re helping but they’re really just fucking everything up. Do what you want to do I guess.”

And with that I went back into my light-less room to sit with myself, instead of sitting out in the cold weather trying to move past his cold shoulder.


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