Shit My Daughters Do (Part 2 of ??)

Back again with a horrendously annoying trait both of my girls have.  Every kid feels the need to drag out every single toy they own in to the livingroom. My girls take their toys out along with their blankets, their pillows, and lots of paper to color on. Anywhere outside of the house, they have no issue with cleaning up after themselves. At home I guess they feel too good to do so. Today, the little one managed to pull everything out by herself while her sister napped in Babe’s parents’ room. I’ve spent the past thirty minutes telling her to clean up her mess while she gives me all her best excuses:

“I’m too tired.” Okay so go take a nap. “I don’t want to! My stomach hurts” *insert eye roll here*  Get it done.

Then she proceeds to throw the World’s Biggest Fit. I’m talking nose full of snot, crying so hard she ends up choking herself. So dramatic. Get it together kid.


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