Cold & Tired

His father won’t turn on the heater unless there’s a freeze. Other than that, you better have layers. Too bad my clothes have holes considering I’ve had them for several years. Maybe I’ll get some for my birthday on Sunday. 

Remember the comforter over the window? After multiple days of being forced to sit in my room not only with my own darkness, but the darkness from not having a lightbulb as well, I ripped the comforter down. NATURAL LIGHT flooded the room; something this room probably hasn’t seen since he was a teenager. It was refreshing. It actually got me up and moving for a little bit. I sorted through the laundry, folded the clean and began to wash the dirty. Picked up the room and took a shower. I have been lazy with my self care, what’s the point when you’re stuck in the house with no escape? I think I wore the same leggings three days in a row. When I get in a slump, I take “lazy showers”. Clean up but don’t groom. My hair is thick and full of curls, managing it is a bitch and a half. I can’t be bothered to attempt when I’m just crawling in to bed anyway. 

But I brushed my hair today. It’s a step I guess.


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