Tick Tock

Is it bad that there are some days I anxiously wait for him to leave for work? I just need time to myself and I haven’t been getting any.

It seems he and his dad spoke about my uncle’s offer and his dad won’t admit what he said (though his face was full of guilt when I confronted him about it) about me looking at it as an out for my relationship. 

Apparently I’m just that cold. 


14 thoughts on “Tick Tock”

      1. I’m very surprised that my wife is no longer actively holding my affair over my head.

        It is a different story with “her” and “her” husband. He, despite having two affairs in the past 8 months, continued to hold our affair over “her” head. He was/is incredibly emotionally abusive.

        That’s why I say that you situation seems so similar. Your BF continues to drink when you have expressed your displeasure, he seems to have taken away all of your privacy, and he is trying to guilt you into staying in a living situation that seems to be less than ideal compared to the recently offered alternative.

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      2. I wanted us to handle this relationship like adults. I thought that by sharing my hardships with my ex he would have understood that. It hurts to know that part of him says and acts as if he understands and the other part drowns his feelings and understanding away.

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      3. I can tell you this, had we not moved, I would be divorced or in the process of getting one. The ONLY thing that turned my wife around (and there are still numerous issues) was moving here.


      4. Can’t even manage to save enough to move. No job for me and him working for tips with no want to save money leaves us in a bind. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “we really need to start budgeting so we can get out of here.” He agrees then comes home from work with a 15 pack of beer that will be gone before he his head hits the pillow.

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      5. I would LOVE financial independence. Both him and my ex like to spend my checks as soon as I get paid. Kinda why I feel like working at that gas station just means I’ll be closer so he will have my income as well.

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      6. I think I’m going to revisit the idea after the holidays, and my birthday, and his birthday. If what is expected to happen takes place, he’ll be gone for three months anyway and I would be the one left alone.


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