I Guess

For the duration of my kids staying with my grandma during the weeks, no one eats unless they have money to get their own food. His mom, bedridden and diabetic, lives off of king size Snickers, Frosted Flakes and Coca Cola. She’ll tell his dad she hates his guts when he comes home from the store without her “essentials.”

The only time the fridge is stocked is when my food stamps renew. So unless I do the shopping, we don’t eat. Yet they always come to me the same day every month with a list of grocery suggestions. 

It’s funny how the only time they want to provide for the family is when the kids are present. So on days like today, when I actually have an appetite and my stomach is practically screaming at me, I have to hope that he comes home from work making enough in tips for not only his beer but for food as well. Otherwise, I guess I’m just shit out of luck. 

Update: I’ve located half a sleeve of Ritz crackers. I hope they aren’t stale. 


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