Relatively Good Day

I was up by 9:30 this morning. This is especially fantastic considering I absolutely could not fall asleep last night; I think my eyes finally shut around 4 in the morning. Maybe if I make it past the threshold and only get about 5 or so hours of sleep, I’ll wake up easier. Or maybe it was just a freak accident. 

He was off today. In a good mood too. We started our morning off with a couple cups of some pretty weak coffee. It wasn’t enough to satisfy my caffeine love, but at least there was coffee. He was even interested in and tried to play Overwatch with me. Once he figured out who he liked best (Junkrat), we played round after round. 

Always the inquisitive one, he was quick to ask what I was doing whenever I grabbed my phone during his turn. And like clockwork the same stream of questions came out of his mouth every 15 minutes or so: “Do you love me? How much? Are you sure?”

Aside from his usual questions that show he’s still not ready to completely trust me, we had a good day.

It’s not even six yet and he’s snoring away. I’m bingewatching How To Get Away With Murder. It’s a great show with a killer soundtrack. I’m sure I’ll get through these two seasons quickly. 


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