Last Night

He came home, drunk of course. I went to sleep shortly after posting hoping that he would just let me stay asleep. Of course that wasn’t the case. He came in the room making all sorts of noise and acting like it was on accident (which could be true considering he stumbles like a baby taking their first step when inebriated). Once it was known that I was “awake”, he climbed into bed and began to touch me. 

I told him to stop. He kept going. I told him “No, stop,” and pushed his hands away from me and he then asked me why. I calmly stated “Because I asked you not to.” He replied with “Okay, that’s a good answer, but why did you ask me not to?” And I sat up, my voice a little more angry now, and asked if I needed an explanation. He said “No, i just thought we were having fun. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you mad.”

And then morning he woke up and was rubbing all over my thighs, my back, my shoulders and grabbing my ass. Why?


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