There Are Things 

I will miss about him. I focus on the negative but I know there’s a good guy in there; The guy I met first. He always made sure I was fed, even made me dishes upon request. He wouldn’t leave me stranded. He is still really good with the girls. My oldest absolutely loves him; My youngest is all about her mommy. 

But the amount of things I won’t miss seem to really overpower the good. I won’t miss when he thinks he’s playfully squeezing but it actually feels like he might leave a bruise. I won’t miss how, when we have sex, his body sloppily topples over mine. He puts his whole weight on me, lazily thrusts with no acknowledgment of the apparent pain in my face. I won’t miss how red his eyes get after a night of drinking (so, every night). I won’t miss having to drive to the store to get him things because he’s been drinking and can’t take himself. I won’t miss his terrible kisses. His mouth tastes like a keg and it’s so offputting. I won’t miss him stumbling over everything or him getting unnecessarily loud, both happily and angrily. 

He’s a good friend. A terrible boyfriend. Maybe in another life.


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