Merry Christmas To All

My somber attitude toward life was paused this morning as the girls ran into our bedroom and told us Santa had visited. Their faces were so full of joy; They didn’t even mind that we couldn’t get them as much as we wanted. 

His parents got me a pair of boots similar to a pair I had pointed out online. I am very happy with them.

He got me a journal (I’m sort of a collector) and a basket that, for now, will hold my new journal and all my new books. After the girls and I have moved, I’ll either fill it with my planner supplies or my makeup; I haven’t decided yet. I know he loves me. He’s just so in denial about the end of our relationship that he’s being, for lack of a better word, kind of creepy. Either way, Christmas morning was better than expected.  

Now, to get the girls ready for their second Christmas with another set of grandparents.


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