I started my period today. I got an IUD put in after I had my youngest and while my periods are very light, I get all the other bullshit (cramps, headaches, mood swings) ten times over. It’s terrible. I have felt shitty all day. 

Before he left for work, he had asked me why I was being so mean. After I discovered I had started, I texted him to tell him that was why I was being bitchy. My intention was to imply we were not having sex. I guess he made decent tips tonight because along with his beer he brought home some chocolate for me. “I’m sorry you’re not feeling well.” His sweet side came out tonight and I was reminded there was a decent person in there. 

I spoke with my uncle this evening. He will be visiting toward the end of the week to gather some things to take to his house. He typed up a pretty reasonable roommate agreement (he’s all about paperwork and accountability, something he’s been trying to get drilled in to my brain my entire life) that I’m sure he will have me sign when he comes to pick up the stuff. My brother is also staying with him. It will be a full house and I’m sure my uncle is less than pleased.

I’m almost free. 


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