My (Lack Of) Wedding Dress

Has yet to be sold. I’ve finally lowered my asking price to almost half of what the original sales price was. It has been cross posted on every Facebook sales group I’m in, and 3 or 4 Craigslist-type apps.

First message I get tonight from OfferUp was some guy who said “Hola.” When I asked if he had an interest in the dress, he responded with “No ingles sorry.” So why the FUCK would you send me, a woman who just posted a sales ad for a wedding dress completely in English, a message trying to talk to me? That’s using your head. The floodgates opened after it was made known that P and I broke up. I’ve received so many messages from all these guys I haven’t even spoken to in years, all trying to get me to spend time with them. It’s honestly sickening. One of them tried to convince me that “You know things are different when you’re around me,” and I’m sitting here thinking to myself, I haven’t seen or even been around you since we worked together…five fucking years ago. I don’t fucking get it. I mean, I guess all guys are wired the same. But damn, have a little respect or something.


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