What A Long Day

I got up, got the girls ready for school and made them breakfast. I was half asleep when I pressed Start on my uncle’s keurig and the bottom fell out, so half of my coffee was on the floor.

My grandma and I dropped the girls off at school and then headed to the social security office to get replacement social security cards for both my girls and I. After waiting over an hour for my number to be called, I was told that birth certificates are not an acceptable form of identification for minors. HOW?! Instead I have to obtain their school and shot records. I couldn’t even get my replacement card because my license expired on my birthday last month. I didn’t even know; I’ve had it for so long. Anyway, we have to make another trip to the social security office after I get the girls’ records and my renewed license. I tried to renew it online but the website told me to go in to an office. It was like I couldn’t get a break haha.

On our way home from the social security office, my grandma told me to call P’s mom and tell her we were coming to pick some stuff up. P was there and acting all sad as he helped me carry boxes to the car. He hugged me and we said goodbye. He then spent the rest of the day sending me messages telling me how sorry he was and how he wishes he could go back and change it.

I’ve been sending J stupid memes throughout the day, hoping to make his day at work be better. It’s almost ten and he’s still working.

My grandmother got an e-mail saying that the Happy Planners and HP accessories were on sale (50% off!). After we got our errands done and picked the girls up from school, my uncle offered to take me Michael’s and get myself a new planner. I was SO excited. Of course, due to their incredible popularity, there weren’t many planners to choose from. I managed to grab the planner that I had been eyeing online; It was the last one on the shelf. I also got a big pack of stickers (over 1000) and some cute post-it notes. Unfortunately, the post-its were made my a different brand and they are shitty in terms of sticking to paper. It upsets me because they are so damn cute.

Today was a good day, even with the few setbacks.


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