We Got Some Snow Today!

It was barely any, but enough to get the girls excited. As we drove to school, they told me all about the snowmen they were going to make and the snowballs they were going to throw at each other once they got home from school. Though it started to stick, by the time they had gotten out of school it was pretty much over.

P picked me up in his dad’s truck so I could bring the broken car back to my friend and her husband. Luckily neither of them were home at the time, so I just had to leave it in the driveway and hide the keys in the mailbox instead of having to deal with an awkward interaction that would basically end in me crying and begging for forgiveness for all the bullshit that had taken place.

My uncle got us new shower curtains. The girls, who spend most of their time in the bathroom downstairs, now have a Frozen shower curtain. Needless to say, I won’t be taking any of my showers in there. It’s actually kind of creepy. Just imagine going to the bathroom in the middle of the night to be greeted by Elsa and Anna staring right at you.

I’ve been pretty damn good about getting up in the morning (I’ve only pressed the snooze button once every morning! My goal is to eventually not even snooze at all.) and not even taking naps during the day. I do feel much more refreshed over here than I ever did at P’s.



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