It’s Strange

Now that I have a computer, I don’t sit on it all day long like I used to back when I was fifteen.

P has been using every excuse in the book to try and spend time with me. I just wish he would focus on bettering himself instead of trying to make sure I don’t “forget” about him.

I’m going to get my license renewed tomorrow and then my social security card replaced after that. Then hopefully I will be able to start working. Those are the only two obstacles in my way at the moment.

I miss J. Like damn do I miss him. I stop myself from sending him messages all day because I don’t want to be that crazy bitch. It’s hard knowing how strong a connection is but trying to do the right thing and give space and time that you know is needed.

I just hope I find a job soon so I don’t have to sit here with my thoughts.

I counted it up and there are currently 11 guys trying to hit on me. No. Just no.


5 thoughts on “It’s Strange”

  1. Wow, that makes me embarrassed and I’m not even doing the hitting.

    I have been in the position of P, wanting to be remembered…though it’s different because I was GOOD and did everything I could to take care of “her”.

    I have also been in the position you are with J. I want to reach out to “her” so much. One of the only things that holds me back is thinking I might impede her progress. Though I will readily admit that I hope “she” is wanting to reach out to me just as you are to him.

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