Mental Health Break

I have made an announcement that I will be deactivating my Facebook. I think logging off for a while will do my head (and my heart) some good. I’m hoping this will give P ample time to get his priorities in order. Realign his focus from me to himself. That way we can actually try to be friends without his lingering sadness over a relationship that is no more.

Plus, the numbers of guys trying to get me to agree to “go out” with them – or, a better way to say it, hang out and fuck while I’m sad and vulnerable- has gone through the roof and increases with every passing day. It’s sickening. It’s disrespectful. I am okay with not having to wake up to crude messages every day.

Time to focus on my writing, my planning, my “momming”, and getting hired.


12 thoughts on “Mental Health Break”

      1. Try looking at it from a POSITIVE point of view – these men who are hitting on you think you are very attractive. I know that some of their comments might be crude or shallow…but they aren’t hitting on you JUST because you are single now.

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  1. Space from Facebook will be good it sounds like. I have had my days where deactivating my account sounded very appealing. I never have done it, but I have definitely learned over the years how to avoid the drama, sometimes I learned the hard way. If\when you go back, remember the unfriend button is really easy to push.
    Lately, I have been on Twitter more often than Facebook.

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    1. This is the second time I’ve deactivated in less than a year. I was considering doing a friend cleanse after I reactivate. The longer I’m alive the more I realize that most people are there to enjoy your pain rather than help you through it. I’m sure the amount of people who have spoken ill of me over the past year that are still on my friends list is outrageous.
      Funny twitter story: a few years back, my grandma made a twitter because she thought that is was a site to ask questions and get them answered. She had no idea why no one would answer her questions. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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