Shit My Daughters Do

On today’s installment, I’d like to rant just a little bit. All week long my girls will fight going to bed each night. My alarm, usually set for 7:30 (and snoozed til 7:45), still goes off before the girls even get out of bed most weekdays. This is usually because they’ve argued with me and given me every excuse in the book to get out of going to bed that by the time they fall asleep it’s close to 10pm. 

So, today is Saturday. A day commonly acknowledged as the day one gets to sleep in. No school, no alarm. I was so foolish to believe my girls would abide by that. They were up and running around (not to mention “talk-yelling”) AT 6:45 THIS MORNING. 


I’m on my 500th cup of coffee, they’re on second breakfast and I’m about to lose my mind with how hyper they are.  

Thanks girls for reversing your sleep habits FOR THE WEEKEND. 


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