The Good

As I had mentioned a few posts back, I had gotten called in for a job interview. While the interview went well, they decided to go with someone with better availability. It was okay though because once I got the first call, it was like the interview floodgates were opened and I was getting calls nonstop.

After my uncle gave me a ride to my third interview in the span of a week, he told me to start looking for cars priced no higher than $3000. He gave me a list of websites to go on and said that once I find some I’m interested in to send him the VINs so he could check out the CarFax on them. Within a day, we had already set up a test drive for an SUV. After going on the test drive, he asked me if I was comfortable in the car and if it was the one I wanted or if I wanted to keep looking. I told him I liked it and it was the one with the best history so I’d be fine with driving it. He bought the car straight out that day and I drove it home! I will have to make payments to him and gradually pay him back for it, but I HAVE A WORKING CAR!!

That same day, I got my phone replaced. I had cracked my screen a while back, and my uncle said he was upgrading his phone. I jokingly told him he should let me have his old phone (not even a year old, he just has the iphone forever plan and can upgrade whenever he wants). He actually agreed. I then got called in for another interview. This one went very well. Of course, it was for a part time position but I didn’t care. I needed money and I needed to work before I started going crazy. On my way home from the interview, I got a call back and they asked if I would be able to come in and meet with the owner in a couple hours. I agreed and got ready to head back for my second interview in a day. I got offered a job and I even started training the next day! My training hours were cut in half because I picked up so quickly. I’ve been there for about two weeks now. Part time might turn in to full time and I’m getting reviewed in three months to get a raise!

J and I have started talking again!! Nothing serious or anything, but he’s actually responding to my messages. That’s a start. I’ll take what I can get. I’m going to ask him to accompany me to the movies next weekend. I hope he says yes.

Even before he started responding to me, I’ve been in a much happier mood. I don’t do much in my free time, but at least I’m getting somewhere. I’m even okay with not really having any friends. It just shows I can do life by myself.

Things are looking up and I can only believe that they will continue to do so.





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