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Well, it’s 12:30 (Random Ramblings)

and I’m feeling accomplished in the productivity department despite not being scheduled to work today. (My mind is forever on the money!)

I took a shower, tidied up my room, folded a large pile of the girls’ clothes that I’ve been neglecting, and just threw my laundry in the dryer. I feel like I’m always needing my clothes in the washing machine because I’ve only got one shirt for work. That bitch cost me $30, I’m gonna stick with the one until I absolutely need to get another.

It’s been about two months since I deactivated my Facebook and I have no desire to reactivate. I have a new phone now too so the app isn’t right in my face. I don’t feel like I’m really missing out on anything. Those that need to get ahold of me have my phone number. It has cut down significantly on the bullshit I let in my life.

I don’t feel like I’m isolating myself by just focusing on a better me. I’ve learned less is more as you get older, and I’m starting to see that having no one to talk to most of the time is better than having a hundred “friends” only interested in what you say so they can let others know of your struggles.

I can probably say I have two friends at the moment. One moved 16 hours away; We don’t talk as much as we used to but we’ve been through thick and thin since 4th grade. I know she’s not going anywhere. She’s just enjoying her life as a wife…something she always wanted. My other friend is actually talking about us getting a place later on in the year. While I appreciate what my uncle is doing for the girls and I by letting us stay here, I can’t help but feel like a permanent guest. It makes it hard to call this place home.

Trust in the timing. Everything will fall into place.



really tested my patience. My uncle and I took the drive to the social security office with more than enough necessary documentation (according to their website) to receive replacement social security cards for myself and the girls.

We arrived early, around 10 in the morning. It was already full! I was already annoyed. I hate crowds. They make me uncomfortable. And out of 21 service windows in this office, only 4 were open. So here we are, in this cramped ass government building, waiting for my number to be called. After 90 minutes, my number was finally called. I went up to the window with a file folder containing shot records for both girls, dental records from their appointment the day before, birth certificates for all 3 of us, and not only my renewed license but my expired one as well (just in case, also a little because I was feeling petty about the whole thing). I had this woman the shot records and dental records for the girls, along with my license and say all three of us are in need of replacement cards. She handed the shot records back to me and said that they were unacceptable because they weren’t certified copies from the doctor. She then handed the dental records back because they didn’t have the girls’ birth dates on them.

My uncle, who is always about the paperwork and holding people accountable for things, pulled up the website for the social security office and showed her how it doesn’t say anything about needing certified shot records. “I’m not responsible for what the website says,” she replied. It wasn’t until my uncle started getting more aggravated that she pulled out an orange sheet of paper and circled the address to the health center that is right around the fucking corner to get certified, acceptable shot records for the girls. This bitch was going to let us leave without telling us that we could take care of this without going all the way back to their doctor.

So, we go to the health center and are in and out in less than five minutes with the certified shot records…or, the same fucking pieces of paper I just had but now with a stamp from the state office on them. We turned around and went back to the social security office and got to get a new number and wait another 45 minutes to get called. I handed the worker the certified shot records and asked for replacement cards. He then asked for my ID, which I gave. And then he requested their birth certificates. I almost blurted out “You’re fucking kidding me, right?” but instead I just laughed as I pulled out the “unacceptable form of identification for minors,” and my uncle said something about it when he saw me pull them out. “Oh so now you need the birth certificates even though the last time we were here, you told us you don’t take them for minors?”

“Well, there’s a reason I’m asking for them sir. The last names of the children are not the same as her last name. I need to confirm she is, in fact, their mother.”

I rolled my eyes, like I would go through so much fucking trouble to obtain social security cards for kids that weren’t even mine. Who would do that when you can spend much less time paying for fake identification?

Anyway, we got it done. All cards have been replaced and should be here within the next week or so. And I hope I never set foot in that building again.


I forgot to let you guys know that I got my license renewed yesterday! My uncle always wants to make sure, especially when dealing with government offices, that you bring more than enoigh documentation so you give them no reason to send you home. After I got the girls to school we drove off to the DMV with a file folder filled with my birth certificate, 3 pieces of mail with my current address, my expired license, and two different types of applications that I had printed from the home computer and filled out to save time. One was a renewal application and the other was an application for a new State ID (just in case my warrant for failure to register that car became an issue). 

We sat in the office waiting for my number to be called for a little over half an hour, which isn’t too bad considering I’ve had to stand in line for over an hour before at an office in a different part of town. My anxiety was working its way to my head with doubtful thoughts of what could go wrong. What if my warrant is active and they arrest me on the spot? What if they won’t accept the mail I brough as proof of residency? What if my license has been expired too long and make me take a driving test? I can’t take a road test, I will freak out with the instructor breathing down my neck! 

My number got called and I was on the verge of shaking nervously. I handed her my expired license, said I needed a replacement. She asked if I had filled out the renewal application. I handed it to her. She started typing shit in to her computer and every time she took a little pause, I was certain she’d be callimg an officer to pick me up. But no, before I knew it she had me do my signature, got my thumbprints, and took my picture. My paper replacement was handed to me and we were off.

I immediately went home and filled put TONS of job applications. Nothing holding me back now. Well, aside from my social security card, but I should have no problem getting it now!

I can’t wait to start working again. 

Now, if my wifi would stop acting up so I don’t have to post from my phone!