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Well, it’s 12:30 (Random Ramblings)

and I’m feeling accomplished in the productivity department despite not being scheduled to work today. (My mind is forever on the money!)

I took a shower, tidied up my room, folded a large pile of the girls’ clothes that I’ve been neglecting, and just threw my laundry in the dryer. I feel like I’m always needing my clothes in the washing machine because I’ve only got one shirt for work. That bitch cost me $30, I’m gonna stick with the one until I absolutely need to get another.

It’s been about two months since I deactivated my Facebook and I have no desire to reactivate. I have a new phone now too so the app isn’t right in my face. I don’t feel like I’m really missing out on anything. Those that need to get ahold of me have my phone number. It has cut down significantly on the bullshit I let in my life.

I don’t feel like I’m isolating myself by just focusing on a better me. I’ve learned less is more as you get older, and I’m starting to see that having no one to talk to most of the time is better than having a hundred “friends” only interested in what you say so they can let others know of your struggles.

I can probably say I have two friends at the moment. One moved 16 hours away; We don’t talk as much as we used to but we’ve been through thick and thin since 4th grade. I know she’s not going anywhere. She’s just enjoying her life as a wife…something she always wanted. My other friend is actually talking about us getting a place later on in the year. While I appreciate what my uncle is doing for the girls and I by letting us stay here, I can’t help but feel like a permanent guest. It makes it hard to call this place home.

Trust in the timing. Everything will fall into place.


The Good

As I had mentioned a few posts back, I had gotten called in for a job interview. While the interview went well, they decided to go with someone with better availability. It was okay though because once I got the first call, it was like the interview floodgates were opened and I was getting calls nonstop.

After my uncle gave me a ride to my third interview in the span of a week, he told me to start looking for cars priced no higher than $3000. He gave me a list of websites to go on and said that once I find some I’m interested in to send him the VINs so he could check out the CarFax on them. Within a day, we had already set up a test drive for an SUV. After going on the test drive, he asked me if I was comfortable in the car and if it was the one I wanted or if I wanted to keep looking. I told him I liked it and it was the one with the best history so I’d be fine with driving it. He bought the car straight out that day and I drove it home! I will have to make payments to him and gradually pay him back for it, but I HAVE A WORKING CAR!!

That same day, I got my phone replaced. I had cracked my screen a while back, and my uncle said he was upgrading his phone. I jokingly told him he should let me have his old phone (not even a year old, he just has the iphone forever plan and can upgrade whenever he wants). He actually agreed. I then got called in for another interview. This one went very well. Of course, it was for a part time position but I didn’t care. I needed money and I needed to work before I started going crazy. On my way home from the interview, I got a call back and they asked if I would be able to come in and meet with the owner in a couple hours. I agreed and got ready to head back for my second interview in a day. I got offered a job and I even started training the next day! My training hours were cut in half because I picked up so quickly. I’ve been there for about two weeks now. Part time might turn in to full time and I’m getting reviewed in three months to get a raise!

J and I have started talking again!! Nothing serious or anything, but he’s actually responding to my messages. That’s a start. I’ll take what I can get. I’m going to ask him to accompany me to the movies next weekend. I hope he says yes.

Even before he started responding to me, I’ve been in a much happier mood. I don’t do much in my free time, but at least I’m getting somewhere. I’m even okay with not really having any friends. It just shows I can do life by myself.

Things are looking up and I can only believe that they will continue to do so.





I forgot to let you guys know that I got my license renewed yesterday! My uncle always wants to make sure, especially when dealing with government offices, that you bring more than enoigh documentation so you give them no reason to send you home. After I got the girls to school we drove off to the DMV with a file folder filled with my birth certificate, 3 pieces of mail with my current address, my expired license, and two different types of applications that I had printed from the home computer and filled out to save time. One was a renewal application and the other was an application for a new State ID (just in case my warrant for failure to register that car became an issue). 

We sat in the office waiting for my number to be called for a little over half an hour, which isn’t too bad considering I’ve had to stand in line for over an hour before at an office in a different part of town. My anxiety was working its way to my head with doubtful thoughts of what could go wrong. What if my warrant is active and they arrest me on the spot? What if they won’t accept the mail I brough as proof of residency? What if my license has been expired too long and make me take a driving test? I can’t take a road test, I will freak out with the instructor breathing down my neck! 

My number got called and I was on the verge of shaking nervously. I handed her my expired license, said I needed a replacement. She asked if I had filled out the renewal application. I handed it to her. She started typing shit in to her computer and every time she took a little pause, I was certain she’d be callimg an officer to pick me up. But no, before I knew it she had me do my signature, got my thumbprints, and took my picture. My paper replacement was handed to me and we were off.

I immediately went home and filled put TONS of job applications. Nothing holding me back now. Well, aside from my social security card, but I should have no problem getting it now!

I can’t wait to start working again. 

Now, if my wifi would stop acting up so I don’t have to post from my phone! 

We Got Some Snow Today!

It was barely any, but enough to get the girls excited. As we drove to school, they told me all about the snowmen they were going to make and the snowballs they were going to throw at each other once they got home from school. Though it started to stick, by the time they had gotten out of school it was pretty much over.

P picked me up in his dad’s truck so I could bring the broken car back to my friend and her husband. Luckily neither of them were home at the time, so I just had to leave it in the driveway and hide the keys in the mailbox instead of having to deal with an awkward interaction that would basically end in me crying and begging for forgiveness for all the bullshit that had taken place.

My uncle got us new shower curtains. The girls, who spend most of their time in the bathroom downstairs, now have a Frozen shower curtain. Needless to say, I won’t be taking any of my showers in there. It’s actually kind of creepy. Just imagine going to the bathroom in the middle of the night to be greeted by Elsa and Anna staring right at you.

I’ve been pretty damn good about getting up in the morning (I’ve only pressed the snooze button once every morning! My goal is to eventually not even snooze at all.) and not even taking naps during the day. I do feel much more refreshed over here than I ever did at P’s.


What A Long Day

I got up, got the girls ready for school and made them breakfast. I was half asleep when I pressed Start on my uncle’s keurig and the bottom fell out, so half of my coffee was on the floor.

My grandma and I dropped the girls off at school and then headed to the social security office to get replacement social security cards for both my girls and I. After waiting over an hour for my number to be called, I was told that birth certificates are not an acceptable form of identification for minors. HOW?! Instead I have to obtain their school and shot records. I couldn’t even get my replacement card because my license expired on my birthday last month. I didn’t even know; I’ve had it for so long. Anyway, we have to make another trip to the social security office after I get the girls’ records and my renewed license. I tried to renew it online but the website told me to go in to an office. It was like I couldn’t get a break haha.

On our way home from the social security office, my grandma told me to call P’s mom and tell her we were coming to pick some stuff up. P was there and acting all sad as he helped me carry boxes to the car. He hugged me and we said goodbye. He then spent the rest of the day sending me messages telling me how sorry he was and how he wishes he could go back and change it.

I’ve been sending J stupid memes throughout the day, hoping to make his day at work be better. It’s almost ten and he’s still working.

My grandmother got an e-mail saying that the Happy Planners and HP accessories were on sale (50% off!). After we got our errands done and picked the girls up from school, my uncle offered to take me Michael’s and get myself a new planner. I was SO excited. Of course, due to their incredible popularity, there weren’t many planners to choose from. I managed to grab the planner that I had been eyeing online; It was the last one on the shelf. I also got a big pack of stickers (over 1000) and some cute post-it notes. Unfortunately, the post-its were made my a different brand and they are shitty in terms of sticking to paper. It upsets me because they are so damn cute.

Today was a good day, even with the few setbacks.